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Citrus Hills Property Owners Association

6606 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy Crystal River, FL 34429
877-869-9700 Ext. 322 

Who We Are:

About Us

The Citrus Hills Property Owners Association is the oldest and largest POA in Citrus Hills. We represent the property owners in the villages of Emerald Estates, Fox Run Estates, Meadows Estates, North Ridge Estates, and the Oaks Estates. These Villages comprise approximately 1800 properties on almost 40 miles of roadways and two golf courses. All our communities are deed restricted under our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements. We have a Board of Directors, an Architectural Control Board, and are managed by Qualified Property Management, Inc. 

Northridge Estates  

Our Mission:

The Citrus Hills Property Owners Association (CHPOA) works to ensure that our Community’s best interests are maintained through the enforcement of covenants that protect property valuations making our community a place we can be proud of. Our Architectural Control Board (ACB) has the responsibility for establishing and enforcing policies and criteria to be applied in all original decision-making processes concerning architectural compliance.


Meadows Estates

Information Resources:

In addition to our management services, CHPOA provides a website to provide the community with the following information:

 1.        Links to community and state resources
 2.        Our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements
 3.        Monthly financial statements
 4.        Monthly Board meeting dates and meeting times
 5.        Minutes from monthly meetings
 6.        Electronic submission of suspected violations
 7.        Architectural Control Board information  including Architectural Criteria, application process and the necessary forms
 8.        A listing of our Board of Directors and Architectural Control Board members
 9.        Contact information
10.       A list of frequently asked question including:
       a.      What are the current watering restrictions?
       b.      What is the recycle and trash pickup schedule?
       c.      What are our POA fees and annual meeting schedule?
       d.      Where can I find maps of the CHPOA villages?

Please put our site in your Favorites and feel free to email your prospective buyers our website address.

Oaks Estates


While the Citrus Hills Property Owners Association is governed by an elected Board of Directors, the association employs the services of a professional management provider, Qualified Property Management.  Our Licensed Community Manager is Carmen Romero. She can be reached at 877-869-9700 Ext 322.

Emerald Estates

Contact Us

Qualified Property Management, Inc.

6606 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy.

Crystal River, FL. 34429 

LCAM Manager, Carmen Romero

Phone: 877-869-9700 Ext. 322